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We're just playing around with the site here. The course doesn't start until September.

Welcome to English 1102: Themes in Literature--Digital Culture. In this course, we will examine artistic (primarily literary) representations of digital culture. We'll look at texts that represent coders, hackers, and computers analyzing how those texts reflect or interpret our digital world. In particular, we'll account for representations that suggest interpretations of digital culture that reflect themes such as fear, the apocalyptic, runaway patriarchy, and unbridled optimism. In short, the course will offer an opportunity to see how artistic production represents the structures of our digital lives.

A few of the texts we'll be reading:

Ernest Cline: Ready Player One
Douglas Coupland: JPod
Robin Sloan: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
Ellen Ullman: The Bug
War Games
Code Poems
Stop Signs